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The Turnbull Challenge

For the love of Mounties

Let's get Turnbull get some!
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Let's get Turnbull get some action!

This challenge wants you to write lots of porn starring our other favourite Mountie - God knows he dearly needs to get laid.

How it's going to work:

Intro post

1. We're going to ask you to submit some prompts here.

2. Then you can sign up for whichever prompt takes your fancy and sit down and be porny!

3. The "deadline" is Novembre, but we're easy. By that I mean we're REALLY easy. You can start posting your fiction on Nov 1st, but the only thing we're going to ask you is to post your fic by Nov 30th. And did I mention we're easy? Don't worry about being late, because any Turnbull porn is good porn, no matter when you post it.

For question, go to your neighbourhood mods eledhwenlin (eledhwenlin @ livejournal.com) or lipstickcat.

We hope you'll join us in this challenge!