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The Turnbull Challenge

"Canadian-American Relations," by omphale (better late than never?)
Let's get Turnbull get some!

"Canadian-American Relations," by omphale (better late than never?)

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ont mississagi
Title: Canadian-American Relations
Pairing: Turnbull/Kowalski (F/K preslash)
Rating: R
Length: 1200 words
Prompt: 13. Turnbull/Kowalski - Ray returns the uniform in "Asylum", and needs help getting it off.

For some reason I find Ray in the Uniform adorably dorky rather than hot (it's the hair, if at some point he could be in the Uniform with his spiky hair, I'd be... pleased). But I love the idea that he'd actually be kind of swimming in Turnbull's uniform. It has this terribly kinky, boys playing dress-up quality that gets to me. I see Turnbull running his fingers under Ray's overlong cuffs, in the overlarge waistband, Ray trying to pretend he isn't hard while Turnbull just keeps touching him.

Notes: This is so very late for the getturnbulllaid deadline that it really ought to be a whole new challenge. But lipstickcat had a birthday this week, which reminded me that I meant to finish this for her. That, I almost managed on time. Sort of.

Bushels of thanks to mergatrude, who whipped this into shape and suggested, quite rightly, that my Turnbull could use some work. Along with a host of other good ideas.

Ray is standing in the middle of Fraser’s office.
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