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The Turnbull Challenge

It's a Uniform Thing. By ultra_chrome
Let's get Turnbull get some!

It's a Uniform Thing. By ultra_chrome

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Title: It’s a Uniform Thing.
Author: ultra_chrome
Prompt: 33 Turnbull/Kowalski and Fraser/His hand – Fraser likes to watch.
Pairing: Uh, well. There’s mention of some F/T, there’s an established F/K relationship and there’s the very obvious prompt induced K/T…F.
Rating: NC-17.
Notes: It’s very, very late, I know. But the thing is, I have a problem with so many people in a sex scene. Ask my beta. She’s heartofdavid and she deserves a medal for the kind, yet firm handling of neurotic slash writers. Anyway, I had to rewrite the porn and I’d like to thank nobelnomis for being all musey and making my brain go to the naughty place for inspiration. Posted in two parts because it's long. Around 15,700 words. Give or take a few.

Part One Here.
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