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The Turnbull Challenge

For the love of Mounties
Let's get Turnbull get some!

March 20th, 2016

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dS other fandoms jealous
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July 22nd, 2014

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Canadian Slash
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And how about some new Turnbull activity, hmmm?

July 15th, 2010

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June 7th, 2007

Title: Canadian-American Relations
Pairing: Turnbull/Kowalski (F/K preslash)
Rating: R
Length: 1200 words
Prompt: 13. Turnbull/Kowalski - Ray returns the uniform in "Asylum", and needs help getting it off.

For some reason I find Ray in the Uniform adorably dorky rather than hot (it's the hair, if at some point he could be in the Uniform with his spiky hair, I'd be... pleased). But I love the idea that he'd actually be kind of swimming in Turnbull's uniform. It has this terribly kinky, boys playing dress-up quality that gets to me. I see Turnbull running his fingers under Ray's overlong cuffs, in the overlarge waistband, Ray trying to pretend he isn't hard while Turnbull just keeps touching him.

Notes: This is so very late for the getturnbulllaid deadline that it really ought to be a whole new challenge. But lipstickcat had a birthday this week, which reminded me that I meant to finish this for her. That, I almost managed on time. Sort of.

Bushels of thanks to mergatrude, who whipped this into shape and suggested, quite rightly, that my Turnbull could use some work. Along with a host of other good ideas.

Ray is standing in the middle of Fraser’s office.

January 2nd, 2007

Title: It’s a Uniform Thing.
Author: ultra_chrome
Prompt: 33 Turnbull/Kowalski and Fraser/His hand – Fraser likes to watch.
Pairing: Uh, well. There’s mention of some F/T, there’s an established F/K relationship and there’s the very obvious prompt induced K/T…F.
Rating: NC-17.
Notes: It’s very, very late, I know. But the thing is, I have a problem with so many people in a sex scene. Ask my beta. She’s heartofdavid and she deserves a medal for the kind, yet firm handling of neurotic slash writers. Anyway, I had to rewrite the porn and I’d like to thank nobelnomis for being all musey and making my brain go to the naughty place for inspiration. Posted in two parts because it's long. Around 15,700 words. Give or take a few.

Part One Here.

December 8th, 2006

Title: Love, Canadian Style
Author: Ignaz Wisdom
Pairing: Kowalski/Turnbull
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1930
Summary: Ray wondered why he'd ever thought it would be a good idea to have sex with Canadians. The politeness alone was going to kill him.

Notes: For getturnbulllaid, prompt #15, submitted by slidellra: "Ray turns up drunk at the Consulate, looking for Fraser. He finds Turnbull instead." Super huge thanks to the_antichris for beta reading this, and apologies to all the Turnbull fans at getturnbulllaid for the delay.

Love, Canadian Style

December 6th, 2006

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lipstickcat and I took my getturnbulllaid prompts and went a little overboard. It was fun.

This is the result: "The One Where Turnbull Gets Knocked Up", an mpreg series by slidellra and lipstickcat. The series begins with my response to prompt 11. Turnbull/Kowalski - Ray offers to take the gang from the consulate out for the evening, but Fraser and Thatcher don't make it at the last minute (The One with the First Date, NC-17) and includes my response to prompt 10. Turnbull/Kowalski - Mpreg, Ray is the father (The One with the Happy Ending, NC-17).

Many thanks to llassah for beta, and to lipstickcat for beta, brilliance, and for neglecting her own getturnbulllaid prompts in favor of mine.

(If you're a total weenie and can't handle some nice, sappy mpreg, the first five parts of the series are mpreg-free porn and can be read independently of the rest.)

December 1st, 2006

(no subject)

Author: _unhurt_
Clean Sheets
Prompt: 61. Turnbull/the Queen - she visits Chicago and the Queen's Bedroom actually gets some use.
Pairing: oh, now, i wouldn't want to spoil it for you.
Rating: PG13

(1789 words, posted over here)

apologies for the 24 hour delay - i did say i would make it by the 30th, but i was unavoidably delayed.

November 27th, 2006


fox and hedgehog
... Uh... It looks dead - Get Turnbull in here for mouth to mouth STAT!

Hmmm, yeah, it's November 27th people, and we have the grand total of 1 fic posted. (Thank you, the ever wonderful llassah)

Of course, we are such very easy mods, and we'd rather have late fic than no fic, but I thought I'd give you guys a poke, just in case any of you have forgotten and you're sitting there wondering exactly what to do tonight....

I know of at least one WIP, which is just fine. And yeah, of my 2 prompts, I've done half of one so far... I've been distracted playing with someone else's prompt... But as long as it amounts to Turnbull getting laid in the end, it's all good ^_^

Posting period is rolling over into December, I'm craving Turnbull porn (I always am, though...), it'd be a lovely Christmas present ^_~

November 6th, 2006

RayK/Turnbull fic

Author: llassah
Title: Daisies on the Battlefield
Pairing: RayK/Turnbull
Rating: Nc-17
Prompt: 12. Turnbull/Kowalski - undercover at the 'Blue Oyster' in full gear - drag, leather, bike...; "Look, Fraser, if I'm gonna be wearing heels I'm gonna need an escort about a foot taller than you." from debris_k  
Word Count: 5000
Notes Thanks to eledhwenlin for dragging this fic back on track and making it betterer and gooder and my plotting, like, way incredible. Also thanks to sansets for an excellent
beta, and for almost inspiring deadpoet!/rayK rps *g*. There are no words, you are both lovely lovely people. Also for being partly responsible for this orgy investigation of Turnbull's character, I have to applaud lipstickcat- no words, my dears, no words*g*

November 1st, 2006

Good morning, Turnbull fans. I hope you didn't eat too much candy last night...

Today is the 1st of November, which means that the fic posting period is now officially open!

You can post your fic at any point during this month, and don't forget that prompts will remain available for claim right up until the 30th of November, so if a plot bunny suddenly bites, or you've finished one fic and want to write another - go for it!

Both eledhwenlin and myself look forward to reading your fics ^_^

October 2nd, 2006

Hullo there Turnbull fans ^_^

eledhwenlin and myself have agreed that we will keep the prompt claiming open throughout the challenge so that if people suddenly feel inspired to write they can jump in and grab a prompt. We'll be keeping a close eye on the claims post, so we'll hopefully keep on top of it ^_^

And now a friendly poke - there are 77 wonderful prompts and only 10 have been claimed. You know you want to claim 1, you don't want to make Renfield sad do you? Make him horny instead!

September 25th, 2006


The time has come to claim your prompts! lipstickcat and I proudly present you 78 delicious prompts. The rules for claiming are as follows:

We ask you to claim not more than three prompts, so that everyone can get a chance to claim. Claiming period is until Sunday, although (if you're already done with your prompts) you can come back anytime and choose another not yet claimed prompt.
If a prompt is claimed, this list will be updated ASAP. So please check the comments, if a certain prompt hasn't already been claimed.

Choose and write! Posting periods starts Nov 1st and you have all Novembre to post your Turnbull fics.

This way to the promptsCollapse )

September 18th, 2006


We want your prompts! You'd like to see Turnbull/Vecchio? You always wanted to know why Turnbull's song had half a verse? Give us a prompt then! BTW, anyone who submits a Turnbull/ Bubba Dean (and anyone who actually writes it) will be sure of my eternal love.




Welcome to our lovely little challenge to have Turnbull have sex!

1. The Why

I think (and lipstickcat will surely agree with me) that Turnbull is sadly underappreciated and doesn't get nearly as much sex as he ought to. We want to change that because all Mounties deserve to be cherished.

2. The When

We declare Novembre "Turnbull month" - that's when we would like you to post your fic.

3. The How

From Sept 18th to Sept 24th, 24h GMT, you are free to submit prompts. Anything goes, whether slash, het or gen. Any pairing goes, Fraser/Turnbull, Turnbull/Frannie, etc. Anything you'd like to submit - lines of dialogue, quotes, screencaps, lyrics, anything is good to go.

From Sept 25t to Sept 30th, 24h GMT, you can sign up for prompts. We ask you not to sign up for more than three at first, so that everyone gets a chance to play. But you can take on more prompts later on. We're easy.

Posting period starts Nov 1st and by Nov 30th you should have posted all your fic, but we're not going to be stickler about that deadline. Any Turnbull fic is a good fic!

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask! This is the first challenge I run and help is always appreciated. :)
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